New mold-forming process makes styrofirm possible, says company

With the help of a mould-forming method, Canada’s largest plastics producer, Syrofoamer, has developed a mold-free production process that is capable of producing plastic that’s 100 per cent recyclable and environmentally friendly.

The company says its new mold-fusing process can produce the same kind of recyclables that Canada has produced for years, such as plastic for packaging.

“There’s a lot of plastic floating around out there, and it’s a waste,” said Paul Josten, Syrodynamics vice-president of product and supply chain management.

We need to recycle it.” “

We can’t just throw it away and say, ‘OK, I’ll just recycle it.’

We need to recycle it.”

The company is now looking at a wide range of other plastics and plastics-related products, including the paper used in greeting cards, to make the mold-reusing process.

The first batch of the mould-free plastic was made on Oct. 1.

Syrofomanufacturing has now raised $1.4 million in Series B funding to further expand the process, which was developed with help from the Canadian Centre for Innovation.

The project is now set to take five years to complete, with a goal of manufacturing 3,000 million moulds per year.

“It’s really exciting for us to be able to work with Syro and we’re really excited to be working with them to get to the point where we can make this material available,” said Jostengren.

The new process is currently available in Canada and the U.S. for those who live in the U