How do you mold a plastic car from a rubber mold?

In the molding factory, the plastic material is heated up and then cooled down by an electrical current.

The resulting molding is then molded into the car, the article said.

The process is usually carried out in the industrial sector and involves the production of a mold, according to the official website of the National Automobile Manufacturers Association (NAMMA).

The company said it has also developed a flexible rubber molding technique.

The plastic is first heated and cooled to a temperature of 200C before being cooled again, said the company in its official statement.

This process generates a solid and stable mold, which is then used to produce the final product.

“As a result, we have developed a process for the manufacturing of a rubber rubber mold which uses only a small amount of materials,” the company said.

“For the first time, a flexible molding method for plastic production is being used in the production industry and we are very proud of this progress,” it added.

The NAMMA’s statement said the rubber mold is a unique process for creating plastic, which requires only a single plastic material and no special equipment.

It also said the NAMM is looking into the possibilities of making plastic molding more sustainable and environmentally friendly by using more renewable energy sources.

The statement said it was not clear if the NAMSM would launch a research program on plastic mold production.