How to mold a chicken in a microwave

Posted by Fox News | February 16, 2019 08:18:19The next step for a food processor is to use a microwave to melt the chicken, a process that can take a couple of minutes or longer depending on the type of food.

It is not the only microwave-based method for molding but it is the one that is used by the majority of food processors and is a popular choice for many restaurants.

But this method does not involve any chemical or physical changes to the chicken.

Instead, a small amount of salt, water and a bit of oil is added to the metal bowl in which the chicken is stored.

A small amount is then heated up and mixed with the liquid in the bowl to form the mixture, which can then be melted and used again.

Microwave-based food molding is a fast, easy and cost-effective method for making food.

The cost for this method is about $3.95 per pound, which is less than most commercial food processors charge for their product.

However, because microwave-molded chicken is a relatively new product, manufacturers are not ready to announce how long it will take for it to reach consumers.

This could be several weeks.

If you want to test a new food processor for moldability, use this test.

Follow these simple steps and your food processor will become a favorite.