Molds and moldings help with silicone repair

Molds, which are made up of the sticky resin and are used to create the silicone mold, are also being used to treat silicone injuries, researchers say.

HCR, a specialist in silicone molding, has been working with doctors to develop a silicone repair technique using the molds that have been created by the silicone industry.

The researchers are now testing the technology on patients and are hoping to make a treatment available within a year.

In the meantime, the researchers say they have created silicone mixtures that can be used to repair and strengthen the silicone of a variety of wounds.

They say that the mixtures are similar to the ones used in surgery and are not toxic, although the process can take longer.

Mixtures are then applied to a wound to form a silicone cap, which has the same shape as the original wound and can be easily cleaned.