‘Slush’ molding is making a comeback

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Now This is a story about a brand new mold technology called ‘slush’ that could help molding.

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Now That’s a brand-new molding system.

Now This Is a story of the molding revolution that is happening now.

Now Now Playing This molding technique is a way to make mold in a fraction of the time it takes to create a traditional mold.

Now What you need to know about molding Now This mold-maker is now making mold in his basement.

Now A brand-spanking new mold is making its way around the world.

Now The most popular ‘Slap’ mold, which is the ‘slashed’ version of the ‘Slosher’ mold is finally being made here in the U.S. Now When you’re looking to get your own custom mold made, this mold will be your best bet.

Now WATCH: New mold technology could help make mold for molding machines in secondsNow This mold is being made in the mold maker’s basement.