Cheese molding procedure: ‘We’re very pleased’

The Mold Regulators, which oversee the cheese industry in England, Scotland and Wales, are investigating a major incident involving moulds found in several shops in the north of England.

The company, which manufactures cheese for many UK restaurants, said it was “extremely disappointed” with the contamination, but had no further comment.

The issue was first reported by the BBC on Wednesday.

A spokesman for the firm, which employs about 400 people, said in a statement: “We are very pleased that this has been dealt with immediately and that there has been no further contamination of the cheese.”

The spokesman added that the “regulatory process” had been “well run”.

The spokesman said the company had been told by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) that the mould was a “serious and potentially life-threatening situation”.

He said the firm had been given “some advice” and that it was taking steps to protect the environment.

“The cheese factory has been given guidance and a number of additional steps have been taken by the company and the FSA to ensure it complies with all relevant regulations,” he said.

The spokesman declined to say whether the company would appeal the finding, which the spokesman said was “not final”.

“We will do all that we can to ensure we meet our statutory obligations,” he added.

Moulds were first reported on Wednesday, but no further details were given on what had caused the contamination.

The regulator has been contacted for comment.