What you need to know about mold encapsulating process

The mold encapsulates the bacteria that cause the fungus to grow in your home.

When you remove the mold, you can see the spores inside.

It’s the first step in curing the mold.

It takes time and patience.

Here are the steps you need.

Step 1: Prepare your mold mold mold is not an easy mold to get hold of.

You have to start with a clean, dry piece of cardboard and add the right amount of water to it.

This will help the mold get to the point where the spores are completely inside.

Once you have the mold on the cardboard, you’ll need to soak the cardboard in water for at least two hours.

This helps the mold grow.

The mold should get to about half of its original size.

The next step is to wash the cardboard off with dish soap and water.

Step 2: Remove the mold from the cardboard.

You’ll need a towel to wipe it off and put it in the sink.

It should come out with a nice crust.

You can clean it with a rag and then let it air dry.

If it’s too dry, you could try using a damp cloth.

Step 3: Put the mold mold into a container.

You should have a container of water, which you can use to put the mold in.

You could also use a large plastic container with a lid, which will help to keep the mold inside the container.

Step 4: Put a piece of plastic sheeting on the top of the mold container.

The plastic sheet will help you to hold the mold together.

Step 5: Fill the mold with the water.

It will look like this when it’s ready to seal.

This is where the mold encapsulator comes in.

The water helps to keep everything together.

The mold will need a minimum of six months to cure.

You need to get rid of the fungus within a week.

It can take two months for mold to fully cure.

Once it does, you will have a finished product.

If you can’t use the mold because of mold spores, it may take longer to seal the mold and you’ll have to use a different method.