How to repair aluminum moldings after a fire

When a molding burns, the most obvious sign is a blackened surface.

That means the molding is brittle, which can lead to structural damage or collapse.

A second sign is the metal inside the mold.

If the metal is brittle enough, the mold will break apart and eventually melt.

This could lead to fire.

The process for removing a fire-damaged aluminum mold is called “mold insulating.”

It involves removing the metal from the mold and reattaching it to the mold before it burns.

A fire in a mold can cause extensive damage, including failure of the insulation, fire damage, and mold failure.

When you’re done, it will look a lot like a normal sheet of aluminum.

When a fire destroys aluminum mold, you won’t be able to take it apart and use it as a fireproofing material.

It will be brittle, and you’ll likely have to replace it.

Here’s how to fix a fire inside a mold.


Put the aluminum mold in a dry, dark place.

This can be a cool place such as a basement or garage, or you can put the mold in the sun.

Use a low-voltage power outlet, as the mold is usually hot enough to melt a metal.

Use electrical tape to keep the insulation from moving.

The aluminum will not burn, so you’ll need to leave it in place.


Put your stovetop in a cooler or dark place, and set it aside.

You want the fire to be out of the mold when you get back to the stove.


Check to see if the metal in the mold has melted.

You may need to turn off the heat to remove the insulation.

It may not be enough to break it down completely.

You can use a metal screwdriver to remove some of the material that is still inside the aluminum.


When the insulation is gone, you can get a piece of the metal out of a safe place.

A few minutes later, you’ll have a nice looking piece of metal.


Reattach the insulation with a plastic screwdriver.

Use the plastic screwdrivers to hold the insulation in place until you remove the metal screwdrivers from the metal.

When they’re all out, you have a clean, fireproof aluminum mold.