NBA players who don’t wear helmets and play on a high-impact floor are no more likely to wear headgear than players who do, according to new research

Bleacher Reports article The NBA has been grappling with the question of what happens when players don’t adhere to the league’s new helmet policy.

And the results, as the league looks to rein in the numbers of head injuries in the league, is telling.

The results of the study are clear.

Players who do not wear helmets are more likely than players wearing helmets to have a lower head-to-head collision rate.

The researchers also found that players wearing headgear are less likely to sustain concussions.

These findings suggest that the new rule will do little to improve safety for players who wear head gear, regardless of whether they wear helmets or not.

This is the first time the NBA has studied this question in a scientific context.

In the past, we have often seen a relationship between helmets and concussions, and the relationship between headgear and concussive events.

But until now, there has been no comprehensive study of headgear usage in the NBA.

This study is a major breakthrough in the field, and it’s clear that this is a serious issue.

However, it also raises a question that we’re going to have to grapple with for years to come.

What happens when these players are not wearing helmets?

We know that if you don’t have a helmet, there’s a significant risk of concussions and brain trauma.

The research shows that a helmet decreases the risk of a player being struck by a ball.

And if you are a player wearing a helmet and you do not have a headgear, you are at a significantly increased risk of sustaining a concussion.

We are still learning the extent of this relationship, but it appears to be a significant factor.

The research has been published in the journal Sports Med.

This means that other teams will be able to see the study and be able evaluate its implications.

In fact, the study was conducted in a separate study, so teams will not have to worry about players wearing a different helmet than they did previously.


teams will have to watch their players more closely.

The NBA has come under fire in recent years for not fully implementing the new helmet rule, and not allowing players to wear helmets.

Players are already getting hit in the head on the court, and that could result in more head injuries, and potentially further brain trauma for the rest of their careers.

The league’s decision to not fully implement the rule was one of the biggest problems facing the league.

The players are still in the process of trying to figure out how to get players to comply with the rule.

The new study will hopefully provide the necessary answers, and give the league a better sense of how to handle the issue of helmets.

But the league needs to start addressing the issue sooner rather than later.