New molding procedure can reduce the size of molding moulds

A new molding molding technique that can reduce molding size has been developed by a Chinese laboratory and the UK’s Royal Society.

According to a press release, the new technique is based on the use of a molding resin that has been treated with a chemical that breaks down the polymer layer in a mold.

The resin can then be used to mold a plastic object, such as a door.

The technique is also applicable to moulding moulding processes, such the use for glass and ceramic molding.

In the future, the researchers hope to use the technology to improve molding materials for consumer products.

According the researchers, the process of mold forming is similar to the process for glass casting, which requires a special mold.

The researchers believe that molding could be used in other manufacturing processes, which would make it easier to mold plastic objects.

The researchers have also developed a new process for producing glass.