Trump to sign bill to prevent molding of U.S. infrastructure

President Donald Trump will sign legislation that would prevent the government from spending money on construction projects that could potentially lead to mold growth.

The Trump administration has previously threatened to withhold federal funding for any projects that are deemed potentially harmful to the environment.

Trump will sign the legislation in a signing ceremony at the White House Friday, The Hill reported.

The legislation, which was introduced in May, is aimed at preventing the government’s involvement in mold remediation.

It will require that projects that cause mold are funded through an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant program.

It also requires that EPA grant funds be used for projects that do not pose an environmental threat.

Trump has previously vowed to block any federal funds that could be used to repair the country’s aging infrastructure.

The president has previously said he plans to cut the EPA by at least 70 percent, a position he has repeatedly reiterated during his presidency.

The bill would also require the federal government to “provide information and assistance to the states, municipalities, and other local governments regarding mold remedial measures, including a cost estimate, cost-benefit analysis, and timeline for implementation.”