Why I’m endorsing Donald Trump’s presidential run

Trump has built a reputation for being a strong negotiator, but he’s not known for being particularly forthright about his views.

In his recent interview with CBS News, he suggested he wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton for president, but also said he’d consider voting for Trump in the general election.

“I don’t think she’s a terrible person, but I don’t know if I would vote for her,” he said, according to CBS News.

“I don, and I would like to see a candidate that’s going to be a tough negotiator and someone that’s not afraid to make tough decisions.”

Trump also said that he’d support “a lot of” other candidates.

“There’s no other person that I think that could be better for our country,” he added.

Trump has repeatedly been criticized for his support of a failed 2008 Republican presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, in the primary race.

In August, Trump said he supported Bush “because I liked him.”

“He’s smart.

I think he’s got the experience, the ability to win.

But you know what?

I would have supported Jeb Bush.

And I would do the same for anybody,” Trump said at a fundraiser.

In the past, Trump has criticized his rivals for not being more willing to compromise with him on issues, such as immigration and trade.

“If I don of course think that’s true, I think I would not be in politics,” Trump told The New York Times in February.

“That’s a fact.

If I think it’s true I would be totally against it.

And if I think the other guy is not, I would also not be a very good politician.

I’m not a good politician.”

He’s also been criticized over his comments about women and minorities.

In June, Trump criticized actress Rose McGowan, saying she was “screaming at Trump” after he suggested she be raped by his ex-wife, model Melania.

“She’s a very, very beautiful person.

But it doesn’t make sense that she would be screaming at Donald Trump if she’s really angry at him,” Trump later said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.