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Lockly Flex Touch Smart Lock review

Lockly is no stranger to smart locks that can open with the touch of a finger: its Lockly Vision and Secure Plus lock already include fingerprint readers. The new Flex Touch is slightly different from these, though: it’s a cheaper, smaller, lower-profile lock that will blend into a home rather than stand out. That’s an essential factor for the design-conscious and detail-oriented: it’s a fingerprint smart lock that doesn’t look like one.

Lockly Flex Touch Smart Lock review: Design

The front part of the Lockly Flex Touch looks like a standard deadbolt lock with a bit of a bulge on the bottom and a small panel below; this is where the fingerprint reader is located, with a multi-color LED ring around it. This is the only indication that you are dealing with a smart lock, which is a big plus for those who want the convenience of a smart lock without the typically obvious look of one. If you have an existing deadbolt you want to keep, Lockly also offers a model that adds the fingerprint reader to an existing lock, the Lockly Access Touch ($179, Lockly (opens in new tab))

Lockly Flex Touch Smart Lock front view

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

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