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Amazon opens invite-only PS5 restock registration — how to sign up

Amazon PS5 restocks are now invite-only events. Earlier this year, the e-commerce giant announced that shoppers must request an invite for all future PS5 restock events. 

“To ensure that as many genuine customers as possible can buy this high-demand item, we sell it by invitation,” reads the new messaging on Amazon’s PS5 page. If you sign up and you’re invited to purchase a PS5 at Amazon, you’ll get an e-mail invitation. You can sign up for the next Amazon restock via this Amazon link (opens in new tab). A new batch of invites went out on August 11, according to the Amazon PS5 product page. (We signed up on June 2 and have yet to get an invite). Alternatively, Sony has been offering more console drops — one of which lasted for 24+hours with no queue. 

Amazon PS5 restock (sign up for invites)

How to register for the next Amazon PS5 restock

Amazon PS5 product page

(Image credit: Amazon)

Of all the retailers that have offered PS5 drops these past few years, Amazon has been the hardest to track. Amazon PS5 restocks not only come unannounced, but they also sell out within minutes. Amazon is now changing how they tackle PS5 restocks by requiring that shoppers sign up for restocks via their sign-in page. 

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