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I did 30 Good Mornings every day for a week — here’s what happened to my body

A Good Morning exercise sounds easy: get out of bed, scratch yourself discreetly (or not) in a few places while yawning, and, maybe, stretch. But, of course, it is not that. Not at all. It is, instead, a deeply satisfying and effective exercise, and one that caught me by surprise. In a great way.

What is a Good Morning? 

Let’s deal with the name first. Some say it’s so called because it resembles the movement your make as you get out of bed. Not the way I get out of bed, I assure you. Others maintain it’s a holdover from Victorian times, when gentlemen were expected to bow to ladies. I’ve watched a lot of period dramas and no one bends that far to say ‘Hi!’. Still others say it is named for the bow with which some children begin the school day in Japan. None of this can be verified, but the exercise has been around for a century and, let me tell you, it works. Since it is usually done with a barbell (at least in gyms), it is sometimes called a Barbell Good Morning, but where’s the mystery in that?

What does it do?

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