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Helix mattress sales in August 2022

The August Helix mattress sale marks a return to the discounts we saw around 4th of July, with the best deal saving you up to $350 off Helix beds plus two free pillows (opens in new tab). This new sale reduces the price of a queen size Helix Midnight mattress (one of our top picks) to $1,099 (was $1,199) when you use the discount code LDSALE100. There are five other codes available, saving you as much as $350 depending on the total value of your order.

It’s the best sale we’ve seen since Memorial Day when the savings were $50 higher for each mattress. There’s a chance that Helix will bring this discount back in time for  its Labor Day mattress sale; this current promotion is hailed as Helix’s Early Access Labor Day Sale. 

But if you need a new mattress ASAP, now is still a good time to buy. In addition to money-off savings, you’ll also avail of two free Helix pillows with your purchase. To secure your saving at checkout, enter the relevant discount code (see below) for your order value.

The Helix Midnight sits in our best mattress guide as our top pick for side sleepers, and you can read our in-depth Helix Midnight mattress review to find out why. Helix produces some of the best mattresses in a box in general so no matter which one you go for you really can’t go wrong, especially since Helix provides a handy quiz to help you choose the best bed for your preferences.

For peace of mind, Helix offers a 100-night risk-free trial so you can fully test the mattress at home to ensure it really is the best choice for you. If you don’t completely love it, you’ll get a full refund. Read on now for the best Helix mattress prices, deals and discounts taking place right now…

Helix mattress sale: the best deals

Helix mattress price: how much do they cost?

Helix makes a range of hybrid and memory foam mattresses, with the basic Helix mattress collection sitting at the cheaper end of the mid-range market. Official prices start at $799 for a twin, $1,199 for a queen, and $1,549 for a king size. This range is where you’ll find the Helix Midnight, our top pick of the best mattresses for side sleepers.

For anyone looking for more back support and all-over body comfort, the premium Helix Luxe range is priced from $1,199 to $2,499, with a queen coming in at $2,049. 

There’s also the Helix Plus mattress for heavier bodies which costs from $849 to $2,099; and an organic option, the Birch Natural mattress, which ranges from $1,349-$2,099. These are the full prices though – with a Helix mattress discount code or deal, you’ll be able to get a new bed for much less,

Which Helix mattress should you choose?

Helix’s two main mattress ranges – Helix Standard (opens in new tab) and Helix Luxe (opens in new tab) – are split into three different firmness options: soft, medium and firm. Each is available in two versions, depending on your preferred sleeping position. One is tailored for side sleepers; the other for back and stomach sleepers. Once you know this, it’s very easy to choose the right Helix mattress. 

However, you can also take the Helix Sleep Quiz (opens in new tab). This will match you with the right mattress in just a few minutes, based on the answers to some questions about your age, height, sleeping preferences and so on. (If you share a bed, you can fill in your partner’s details too.)

Helix mattress range ($599-$1,299)
Side sleeper Back or stomach sleeper
Soft Helix Sunset Helix Moonlight
Medium Helix Midnight (most popular) Helix Dusk
Firm Helix Twilight Helix Dawn
Helix Luxe mattress range ($999-$2,349)
Side sleeper Back or stomach sleeper
Soft Helix Sunset Luxe Helix Moonlight Luxe
Medium Helix Midnight Luxe (most popular) Helix Dusk Luxe
Firm Helix Twilight Luxe Helix Dawn Luxe

Alternatively, if you have a higher body weight or you’re tall, then consider the Helix Plus (opens in new tab). This Helix mattress has an extra layer of high density foam to provide maximum support. 

Finally, if you’re looking for a 100% all-natural organic mattress, choose the Birch mattress (opens in new tab). It’s Greenguard Gold and GOTS certified, which means it’s eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, and free from chemicals. You’ll find today’s best Helix mattress prices for the entire collection below…

More of today’s best Helix mattress prices

Best Helix mattress sales, discounts and deals: the Helix Midnight mattress shown with gray base and white cover

(Image credit: Helix)

1. Helix Midnight mattress deals

The most popular Helix mattress – and it comes with two free pillows

Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Depth: 12 inches | Filing: Memory foam | Comfort: Medium | Trial: 100 night | Guarantee: 10 years

Great for side sleepers

Memory foam and coils

Designed to be breathable

Made in the USA

Prone to some irregular stitching

Very heavy so get help to set it up

The Helix Midnight mattress is designed for side sleepers and those who move around in the night. It’s got a medium feel – not too firm or soft – which makes it Helix’s most popular mattress. 

Memory foam is ideal for providing comfort and pressure relief, but it can be known to overheat in the night. Helix’s breathable cover is designed to save you sweaty nights by increasing airflow, so hot sleepers can still get the advantages of memory foam with the Midnight mattress. 

For more cooling options, see our best cooling mattress guide.

Best Helix mattress sales, discounts and deals: the Helix Plus mattress with quilted black sides and a white top

(Image credit: Helix)

2. Helix Plus mattress deals

The perfect mattress for big and tall, or plus size users

Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Depth: 13 inches | Filing: Memory foam | Comfort: Medium | Trial: 100 night | Guarantee: 15 years

Extra density foam

Specially designed body contouring

Taller coils support extra weight

More expensive than other models

Designed for plus size sleepers, the Helix Plus mattress has all the extra touches needed for big and tall users to get that perfect night’s sleep. This includes extra-tall coils which provide more support, and four pound memory foam in a specialist Helix Plus blend. This high density foam adds an extra inch of height, and will support your body no matter your sleeping position. 

It’s more expensive on average than a Helix mattress, but the Helix Plus is still a reasonably priced mattress, and it’s covered by a 15 year warranty, which means you can trust its durability. 

Best Helix mattress sales, discounts and deals: the Helix Midnight Luxe mattress shown with black base and gray-white top

(Image credit: Helix)

3. Helix Midnight Luxe mattress deals

Helix’s most popular premium mattress

Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Depth: 14 inches | Filing: Memory foam | Comfort: Medium | Trial: 100 night | Guarantee: 15 years

15 year warranty

Eco-friendly Tencel cover

Lumbar support coils

Made in the USA

The Helix Midnight Luxe mattress offers everything users love about the Midnight, but with some Luxe upgrades. This includes a quilted pillow top covered with durable and eco-friendly Tencel, which adds an extra two inches in height. 

Instead of regular memory foam the Midnight Luxe has a layer of “memory plus foam”, which is like a high density memory foam but with the same medium support. On top of all this there’s an extra five years of warranty. That makes an impressive 15 years in total. 

Best Helix mattress sales, discounts and deals: the Birch by Helix Mattress

(Image credit: Helix)

4. Birch by Helix mattress deals

The all-natural, organic Helix mattress

Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Filing: Memory foam | Depth: 11 inches | Comfort: Medium | Trial: 100 night | Guarantee: 25 years

Extra density foam

Specially designed body contouring

Taller coils support extra weight

More expensive than regular Helix mattresses

The Helix Birch mattress is handmade in the USA and is one of the best organic mattresses you can buy. It’s also covered by an impressive 25 year warranty (though brands like Nectar and DreamCloud offer lifetime warranties). This organic mattress offers an alternative to polyurethane-based foams and chemicals. It’s made of totally natural and ethically-sourced materials. 

With a cover of 100% organic cotton and a wool comfort layer, the all-natural materials are a great selling point for the eco-conscious. This mattress doesn’t skip out on comfort, though. It also offers natural support and breathable birch wool for temperature regulation. 

Best Helix mattress sales, discounts and deals: the Helix Sunset mattress shown with gray base and white cover

(Image credit: Helix)

5. Helix Sunset mattress deals

The softest Helix mattress on offer

Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Depth: 12 inches | Filing: Memory foam | Comfort: Soft | Trial: 100 night | Guarantee: 10 years

Comfy, soft finish

Great edge support

No nasty chemicals

Made in the USA

Think the Helix Midnight, only softer. The Helix Sunset promises marshmallow softness (their word) but with the same support for side sleepers and those who toss and turn. 

Edge support is a major concern for many soft mattresses, but the Helix Sunset has wrapped coils that create a reinforced edge to keep you centered when you’re sleeping. There’s also the same ten year warranty and 100-night trial as other Helix mattresses.

Best Helix mattress sales, discounts and deals: the Helix Twilight mattress shown with light gray base, white top and a green band around the middle

(Image credit: Helix)

6. Helix Twilight mattress deals

The firmest Helix mattress on sale

Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Depth: 12 inches | Filing: Memory foam | Comfort: Firm | Trial: 100 night | Guarantee: 10 years

Designed to stay cool

Firm, supportive finish

Wrapped coils cradle your body

Good for couples

We’re trying our hardest to avoid Twilight references here… but like a vampire, the Helix Twilight mattress guarantees to always be cool to touch. That’s because this mattress also offers a firm feel and solid construction. Unlike softer mattresses, a firm finish is more likely to release body heat through the night. You’re not sinking into its foam layer, and so it’s not retaining your body heat. It’s also suitable for all body types. 

A special memory foam comfort layer guarantees a firm layer of support, and another bottom foam layer adds base support and extra durability. The Helix Twilight mattress has individually wrapped coils that limit motion transfer, making this a great choice for couples. 

A man dressed in a gray lounge top and white lounge shorts lies on top of the Helix+ mattress, smiling

(Image credit: Helix)

Many of the best Helix deals will be automatically applied on-site, but Helix also uses promo codes to unlock some of its sale prices. To find the best Helix mattress price you should always check that you’re not missing out on any extra promo codes. You can find any Helix promo codes here on this page. 

Helix runs discounts and promo codes across its entire line of mattresses, including the Luxe range, the Plus range, and the Helix Birch. Because some of the Helix mattresses are already so affordable though, most deals and discounts work incrementally. That means that as you spend more in a Helix sale, you’ll also save more.

Helix Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress sales 2022: our predictions

Given that for the past two years the company has run the same Helix Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deal – up to $200 off mattresses plus two free pillows – we aren’t surprised see the same Black Friday mattress deals pop up again in the holiday season sale that just ended.

In that sale, there were three different discount codes to pick from, giving you $100 on any mattress, $150 of orders worth $1,250 or more, and $200 off orders worth $1,750 or more. These rolled over into the brand’s Cyber Monday mattress deals too, with the only change being the wording of the actual discount codes.

So we really hope that for 2022, Helix will be introducing some fresh new mattress sales and deals. After all, we have now seen the same discount not only on Black Friday, but in the Labor Day sale and even the Helix Memorial Day mattress sale. If it does change, we predict that the saving won’t be much greater than it already is – but could we see an extra $50 knocked off in 2022’s sales.

If Helix mattress prices do drop any lower, you’ll find out first as we regularly track the very best Helix mattress deals – and all the discount codes you need – right here on this page. 

The good news is that last year’s discounts clearly show that you don’t need to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to save money. Helix’s offers stay consistent all year round, so if you need a new mattress now, and you want a Helix, then there’s no need to wait.

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