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What is regenerative braking and how does it work?

The best electric cars come with a lot of impressive features, but one of the most interesting is the regenerative braking system. The idea is that you can recuperate some of the lost electricity, sending it back into the battery to be used later.

If you’ve never driven an electric car, or even a hybrid, then this concept might be completely new to you. Even if it’s not, you may not be aware of how regenerative braking works or the scope of what it can actually do. So what is regenerative braking exactly, and how does it work?

What is regenerative braking? 

Kia EV6 parked on side of road

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Regenerative braking is a system in which an electrified vehicle, be it a fully-fledged electric car or a hybrid, reclaims kinetic energy as the car slows down. That energy is then used to recharge the main battery, ready to be used later.

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