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Best thermometers: tested and rated

Amid COVID-19, thermometers have become a necessity in most of our households as we continue to monitor our temperature for gatherings, travel, or check-ups. There are thousands of options on the market, and we’ve come a long way from those old-school glass thermometers. So if you’re in the market for a thermometer, which one should you buy? You might be looking for one to take on the go, or a quick and silent thermometer so you can easily take the temperature of children. You may prefer a touch-free thermometer so you can easily clean it and use it on multiple people, or even one which comes with a mobile app that helps you track your temperature over time. 

We tested seven thermometers and evaluated them based on their features, ease of use, durability, and overall experience. Here are the ones which have earned a place in your medicine cabinet.  

What are the best thermometers?

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