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The 10-year-old PlayStation Vita still beats the Nintendo Switch

The PlayStation Vita is my favorite kind of product: the “too good for this sinful Earth (opens in new tab)” kind. Much like the iRiver H300, the Microsoft Zune or Sony’s own PlayStation Vue, the Vita was ahead of its time. The general public just wasn’t ready for what it had to offer, even though they embraced the exact same feature sets in arguably inferior products a few years later.

I recently had a chance to reconnect with my Vita, after leaving it lying dormant in a drawer for the past few years. I was impressed by the system’s excellent game library, its gorgeous screen, its surprisingly good speakers, its intuitive interface and, most of all, its excellent battery life. I was also shocked to discover that this 10-year-old system still surpasses the much newer and fancier Nintendo Switch in some ways.

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