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It’s official — Google Meet is getting one of Zoom’s best features

Companies might be big on return to work but remote collaboration remains important as people still work from home or different parts of the world. Video calling apps remain essential tools in the remote work space with each competing to get the best features on their own app and add more users. Google Meet is now taking on the competition by introducing one feature that is exactly like one of Zoom’s most useful shortcuts.

Google Meet will soon let you unmute yourself by holding down on the space bar and releasing it to mute again. In an update on the Google blog (opens in new tab), the company mentions that people will be able to quickly participate in meetings this way and will even help in situations where users forget to mute themselves again after speaking. The feature is similar to how a walkie-talkie works and will save users an additional click to mute and unmute themselves manually on the app. 

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