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Best food processors in 2022

The best food processors will revolutionize your food prep regime. Food processors are designed to slice, dice and chop solid ingredients to a consistent and precise degree. In doing this, a good food processor can save you hours of chopping by hand, completing the job in a matter of seconds. While they are most known for handling vegetables, food processors can be used in all sorts of instances, from grinding meat to kneading dough. They’re quite versatile machines for this reason. 

If you’re looking for an appliance which can handle liquids, you need one of the best blenders instead. Food processors are not designed to blend, but rather to process, all the way to a pureed state if desired. Not sure which you need? Check out our full guide on food processor vs blender for further guidance. If you’ve decided that you need a food processor in your life, but you’re not sure which to choose, we’ve tested a range of models to find those which make the cut. These are the best food processors.    

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