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The best Eight Sleep mattress sales in 2022: Save $150 on the new Pod 3

The new Eight Sleep mattress sale is offering discounts on its revamped smart mattresses. Right now, save $150 on the Pod 3, Pod 3 Max and Pod 2 Pro (opens in new tab). The Pod 3 (and Pod 3 Max) improve upon the previous models with improved sensor technology and more stable Wi-Fi. The 4-layer Pod 2 Pro is Eight Sleep’s newest entry-level model.

Eight Sleep makes the best mattress for anyone struggling to get comfy at night because it offers high levels of adjustable comfort, plus adjustable heating and cooling. There’s also integrated sleep tracking so you can get an understanding of what’s keeping you awake at night – which is why we also consider it one of the best smart mattresses. 

There’s also $150 off The Sleep Essentials Bundle (opens in new tab) comprising a Pod Sheet Set, Pod Protector and two Carbon Air Pillows. If it’s a mattress topper you’re looking for, Eight Sleep takes $75 off its Pod covers (opens in new tab) so you can imbue your existing mattress with some smarts. 

Keep scrolling for all the details on Eight Sleep’s newest smart mattresses and how you can save on them. Now that Labor Day mattress sales are in full swing, it’s a great time to upgrade your sleep setup and keep some extra cash in your wallet.

Which Eight Sleep mattress should you buy?

Eight Sleep recently revamped its line of smart mattresses. Now you can choose from the Pod 2 Pro, the Pod 3 and the Pod 3 Max. 

The Eight Sleep Pod 2 Pro is the cheapest of the three, starting from $2,695 in full. It replaces the Eight Sleep Pod as the brand’s 11-inch entry-level model, although the name suggests that it’s a successor to the Pod Pro. The Pod 2 Pro consists of four foam layers (compared to the Original Pod’s three), including a 1-inch ComfortBlend topper.

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 is normally priced from $3,095. This 5-layer, 12-inch mattress boasts a quad-core CPU that’ll enable it to respond faster to changes in your sleep patterns, along with twice the number of sensors of the Pod Pro for a more comprehensive tracking of your overall health. The wireless standard here has also been revamped, now featuring 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi support.

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 Max shares the Pod 3’s features but it also adds a MaxChill layer consisting of silver, copper and graphite to quickly dissipate excess heat. Thus, it’s the best choice for someone who is seeking an excellent cooling mattress to help regulate their body temperature overnight. It’s also the most expensive Eight Sleep mattress yet, with a full starting at $3,695.

Eight Sleep Pod 2 Pro Mattress

(Image credit: Eight Sleep)

1. Eight Sleep Pod 2 Pro mattress deals

The cheapest Eight Sleep mattress, with dual zone cooling and heating

Sizes: 4 (full to Cal king) | Depth: 11 inches | Filling: Foam | Turn: No | Trial: 100 days | Guarantee: 10 years (foam), 2 years (technology layer) | MSRP: $2,695 – $3,395

Now features a ComfortBlend topper

Dual-zone cooling and heating

Built-in GentleRise alarm

Not suitable for adjustable beds

The Pod 2 Pro is Eight Sleep’s new entry-level model, replacing The Pod. Instead of three foam layers, the Pod 2 Pro consists of four – which includes a 1-inch ComfortBlend topper for maximum pressure-point relief. Construction of the Pod 2 Pro is otherwise the same as The Original Pod, with two inches of relief foam, a 4-inch contouring core and a 4-inch base layer.

The Pod 2 Pro comes in four sizes: Full, Queen, King, and Cal King – all of which will work on slatted or metal frames, as well as box spring or platform bases. Like its previous entry-level bed, the Pod 2 Pro has dual-zone cooling and heating tech so co-sleepers who share a bed can make their side as hot or cold as they need it. There’s also the GentleRise alarm that gradually wakes you using chest-level vibration and adjusting the temperature.

Everything can be controlled via the Eight Sleep app. Meanwhile, sign up for the 8+ Pro subscription service (from $15/month) for added features like automatic temperature adjustment, access to a library of sleep aids and digital coaching.

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro 3 mattress

(Image credit: Eight Sleep)

2. Eight Sleep Pod 3 mattress deals

This revamped smart mattress will help you fall asleep faster

Sizes: 4 (full to Cal king) | Depth: 12 inches | Filling: Foam | Turn: No | Trial: 100 days | Guarantee: 10 years (foam), 2 years (technology layer) | MSRP: $3,095– $3,795

Twice as many sensors as other Pods

Updated Wi-Fi standards

Hub now powered by a quad-core CPU

Still no twin or twin XL sizes

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 mattress was just released in July. According to the brand, this is the ‘ultimate sleep fitness machine’ that can improve sleep quality by up to 32% and deep sleep by up to 34%. 

So what does the Pod 3 have over its predecessors? For starters, it has twice the number of sensors as previous Pod models for more accurate recordings of key vitals – heart rate and body temperature, to name a couple. Meanwhile, the accompanying hub boasts a quad-core CPU and Wi-Fi 5, which’ll allow the Pod 3 to respond faster to changes in your sleep pattern and provide a more stable wireless connection.

Of course, the Pod 3 still includes features that have made Eight Sleep’s smart mattresses among the best on the market – dual-zone temperature control, GentleRise Alarm, and personalized health reports so you can monitor the state of your sleep. 

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Max

(Image credit: Eight Sleep)

3. Eight Sleep Pod 3 Max mattress deals

Eight Sleep’s most advanced mattress yet

Sizes: 4 (full to Cal king) | Depth: 13 inches | Filling: Foam | Turn: No | Trial: 100 nights | Guarantee: 10-year limited warranty | MSRP: $3,695 – $4,395

4,000x sensor resolution

Extra MaxChill layer for cooling

Dual thermoregulation

It’s very expensive

Welcome to the most advanced Eight Sleep smart mattress yet, the Pod 3 Max. Like the Pod 3, the Pod 3 Max boasts a quad-core CPU and Wi-Fi 5 so your sleep data is quickly recorded and reported. It also has 4,000x sensor resolution compared to previous Pod models so every key vital is tracked. 

What makes the Pod 3 Max stand out, however, are its temperature regulation features. It’s an inch thicker than the Pod 3 thanks to an added MaxChill Layer infused with silver, copper and graphite for optimal heat dissipation. There’s also dual thermoregulation, which will allow you to set up personalized temperatures for each phase of the night on either side of the bed. 

We’d recommend you check out the Eight Sleep Pod 3 Max if overheating is your primary concern as its temperature regulation features are the best the brand has rolled out yet. 

Do you need an Eight Sleep discount code?

In the Eight Sleep sales, you don’t tend to need to add any discount codes or promo codes at checkout. Usually the discount is applied automatically at checkout. 

Added accessories aren’t just limited to mattress covers and foundations, either. You can find anything from Lavender Spray to Blue Light Sleep Glasses with a 20% saving in the Cool Sleep Sale, so check it out before you check out. (For cozier sleep, also take a look at our guide to the best comforters for all budgets.)

Eight Sleep Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals in 2022: what to expect

This year, we’ve already seen Eight Sleep offers that beat last year’s best Eight Sleep Black Friday deal. In January, there was a $300 discount on the Pod – that’s a bigger discount than Black Friday, when we saw $250 off, plus 20% off Eight Sleep accessories. Meanwhile, the Black Friday before (2019), there was an Eight Sleep discount of $100 on the mattresses, plus a free Amazon Echo Dot.

Now, Eight Sleep just revamped its line of smart mattresses in late July. We’d be pleasantly surprised if the company brought back its $300 discount for Black Friday, just months after it rolled out the new models. In any case, we’ll be tracking the best Black Friday mattress deals (opens in new tab) and Cyber Monday mattress deals, and we’ll be bringing you all the best offers – and the Eight Sleep discount codes you need to claim them – right here. 

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