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Windows 12 reportedly has a release window — and I couldn’t be happier

Windows 12 may be released in 2024, according to a new report which claims Microsoft is changing up its engineering strategies and moving to a 3-year release cycle for Windows.

That’s a big deal because Windows 11 launched in October 2021, and some fans were expecting to see a sequel drop as soon as 2023. But according to sources trusted by Windows Central (opens in new tab), Microsoft is adopting a new development cadence for Windows that revolves around “Moments” (reportedly a term used internally) of big updates a few times a year, with major numbered releases dropping every three years.

That means we shouldn’t expect to see Windows 12 (or whatever Microsoft ends up calling it⁠— “Next Valley” has reportedly been used internally, though it may not be the final codename) until 2024. 

Windows 11 android apps

The debut of Android apps on Windows 11 (in a limited preview form) back in February is a good example of the sort of Windows feature releases Microsoft now plans to do a few times a year. (Image credit: Microsoft)

However, Windows Central also claims that Microsoft’s new development cadence is designed to deliver more new features to Windows 11 with increasing frequency over the next year.

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