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Beating Elden Ring put me in a funk — but this PS5 game just pulled me out

Welcome! This column is part of a regular series in which we share what members of the Tom’s Guide staff are playing and enjoying right now, with an eye towards helping you find great games that you may have missed. Be sure to check out our recent entry, where we talk about The Last of Us Part II.

Earlier this year, like many gamers, I became utterly obsessed with Elden Ring. I spent a glorious month playing literally nothing else, savoring every hard-fought victory and being spurred on by every agonizing defeat.

In the past Souls games have typically failed to grab me and I’ve usually bounced off after just a few hours, but Elden Ring was different. It hooked me pretty much from the start. And after some particularly testing boss battles — the strong words I have for the Fire Giant cannot be printed here -— I did it. I conquered Elden Ring and my Tarnished dutifully took his place as a newly crowned Elden Lord with honor. As the credits rolled, I almost wanted to give the game a standing ovation. 

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