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Apple settles $50 million lawsuit over defective MacBook keyboards — here’s who can get paid

Apple just settled a major lawsuit that will impact a significant amount of its customers. Per Reuters (opens in new tab), the Cupertino-based company settled in court for $50 million to end a lawsuit that accused Apple of knowing and concealing that its “butterfly” keyboards were prone to failure. These keyboards suffered from a defect that caused sticky or unresponsive keys that were easily damaged.

The “butterfly” keyboards were included in several models of its MacBook laptop computers, including several MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models. Apple has had a free service program (opens in new tab) for this manufacturing defect for some time, but the plaintiffs in this lawsuit said that the service program was inadequate. In fact, the lawsuit said that Apple would often replace the defective keyboards with the same style of keyboard, increasing the likelihood that a second replacement would be needed.

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