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12 Technology Gadgets for Teachers should be provided

Teachers love school supplies! And we love technology gadgets. Basically, school supplies for the 21st century. When compiling this list, I asked myself, “What would make my job as a teacher easier?” If it runs on electricity and I answered “yes” to the above question, then on the list it went. 
Crystal clear picture and super easy to use. One cord to plug into your computer and to charge! 

  1. Wireless Doorbell
    From the feedback I received in our Facebook group, wireless doorbells are not just for elementary classrooms. If call and response or attention getters feel awkward, this is an easy way to quiet a loud class. One teacher even pointed out that because she teaches from the back of the room, that the doorbell was able to replace her “teacher stare.”3. Clicker
    If you are a teacher who likes to be mobile during a lecture, then you probably love your clicker. This one is simple, well reviewed, and inexpensive. 
  2. Color Changing LED Lights
    These are my favorite! The string of lights comes with a clicker that changed the color of the lights. If a student had a birthday, I would let them choose a color for the day. You could even use them more strategically — assigning a voice level to each color of the light. Green = group work voices. Yellow = Whisper. Red = Silent. Technology gadgets that help with classroom management are the best.5. Printer
    The year I had a printer in my classroom was the most convenient year ever. Walking all the way down to the staff workroom to collect one piece of paper only to realize that it didn’t print would usually send me to a dark place.  (I know, I know… always bring your computer to the workroom.) Printers are usually cheap and the ink will be your big expense, but have you heard of this ink program?
  3. Alexa Dot (3rd Generation)
    I use my Alexa to set a timer or play music. Here is a list of other ways you can use your Alexa Dot in the classroom. 
  4. Timer or Timer with Clip
    Oh, timers… what would I do without you? A good timer must be wearable, magnetic, and VERY LOUD. My phone wouldn’t be loud enough during group work and setting timers on my phone was a sure way to kill its battery. 
  5. Portable Battery
    Maybe this is super specific to me, but one of my worst days of teaching was when I took students on a field trip with a cell phone on low battery. I must have not charged it the night before, and I didn’t notice until it was too late. After my phone died, I felt so helpless! No emergency required the use of a cell phone, but it was stressful enough for me to remember a portable battery on every field trip I have been on since. 9. Visual Timer for Students
    Back to timers for a moment. I believe that timers are useful to keep a teacher on pace, but they are even more important to keep students moving at an appropriate pace.  This timer is wonderful for your visual learners and can be seen from across the room. My teacher friend, Colleen, (see her classroom here) loves hers.
  6. Laminator
    If you don’t have your own personal laminator yet, this is the year! This one only jammed one time in 4 years of use, and it was super easy to fix. Don’t forget to grab some lamination sheets while you are at it.
  7. Extra Sets of Headphones
    Most students will use their own headphones, but teachers should always plan for students who don’t bring required supplies, right? These technology gadgets are well reviewed and colorful! 12. Remind App
    With parents possibly in the teacher role this upcoming year, an easy way to communicate is going to be vital. 
  8. Fluorescent Light Covers
    If you have ever had an ill-placed fluorescent overhead light, you know how hard it can make reading your board. It drove me crazy! I would have loved these.
     9. Wireless Mouse
    I love my wireless mouse. This one comes in a variety of fun colors and can make using your computer for long stretches of time more comfortable.
     10. iPad or Drawing Tablet
    Remote learning has made iPads and drawing tablets a necessity.  An app for taking notes. I use it now as my planner.
  9. Stylus or Apple Pencil
    This is a budget friendly stylus that was recommended by a teacher in our Facebook Group. The Apple pencil is what I use and love. 
  10. Apple TV
    I was a little skeptical about an Apple TV in a classroom, but then I stumbled across this article. If you and your students have 1:1 access of iPads, then having an Apple TV allows you to showcase student work and record content from multiple devices. 19. Rechargeable Batteries
    Many items in a classroom require batteries (graphing calculators come to mind) and not having spare batteries will drive you crazy. These are rechargeable and come in AA and AAA. 20. UV Portable Light Sanitizer
    This might give you peace of mind or help with the shortage of disinfectant wipes. 
    What technology gadgets do you use and love? What tech tools do you plan on investing in this year? 

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