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How to prevent scratches on your glass stove and keep it gleaming

It’s a great feeling when you first install a new glass stove top and it appears gleaming and in pristine condition. The sad truth is, this look won’t last with everyday use — not unless you take great care. Before you know it, spills can burn onto the surface and scratches can mount up in the burner rings. 

You need to know more than how to clean a glass stove to avoid this problem. But, the good news is there are changes you can make to prevent scratches and marks from occurring in the future. Here, we take you through the tips and tricks to follow to keep your glass stove looking as good as new.   

1. Don’t scrape your pans across the surface

A pan shaking ingredients held over a glass stove top

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

First of all, don’t drag your pans across the glass surface as you cook — always lift them away. Most of us are guilty of forgetting this cardinal rule when we shake and mix our ingredients — that’s what causes zig-zag scratches on your burners, and it’s why most of them are pointed in the same direction. 

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