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Joining Netflix on iPhone just got a whole lot easier — here’s how

If you need to sign up for Netflix, then it’s just become a lot easier to do on your iPhone or iPad.

Chances are you’re already paying for Netflix (or have just left going by recent subscriber numbers), but if you do want to join, you can now do so through the Netflix app, rather than having to sign up separately and then log-in afterward as you had to do under Apple’s older, more restrictive App Store rules.

As you can see in the screenshots below, you are now directed to your browser after a warning from Apple about how it’s not responsible for what happens on the external website.

Three screenshots showing the new Netflix sign-up process on iOS

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Netflix is a prominent example, but you’ll likely see this scenario now with more and more apps thanks to this rule change. As convenient as it is to sign up and pay for everything through Apple’s services, some argue that it is an anti-competitive system since Apple requires all developers give it 30% of revenue made this way, and Apple previously wouldn’t allow links to external payment systems either.

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