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Best laptop bags in July 2022

Now is an ideal time to pick up one of the best laptop bags as back to school sales are kicking off across major retailers. Best of all, laptop bags from popular brands including Targus, Adidas, The North Face, and more are being discounted.

We’ve put together a list of the best laptop bags for every budget and for all occasions down below. From courier bags to backpacks, these laptop bags are suitable for college, work or everyday use. Plus, make sure to check out our ultimate back to school guide for all the essentials you’ll need in the fall. 

Best laptop bags under $50

Best laptop bags under $100

Best laptop bags over $100

How to choose the best laptop bag 

How to choose the best laptop bag

Everyone has their own style, but there are a few things you should look for when shopping for the best laptop bags.

Size: First, you’ll want to know what size laptop your bag can accommodate. Some can accommodate laptops as big as 17 inches, whereas others are limited to ultraportables no bigger than 13 inches. 

Compartments: You should also check if the bag has a dedicated laptop compartment and if there’s space for other devices like a tablet or college books. The last thing you want is for all your devices to share one large compartment. 

Travel friendly: There are also various laptop bags that are TSA-compliant. These bags are designed so that they offer a clear and unobstructed image of your laptop/tablet when they’re undergoing X-ray screening at an airport. The TSA doesn’t endorse any bags or brands, but bag manufacturers will usually highlight if they’re bags are TSA-friendly. 

Durability: If you live in a region with changing seasons, we also recommend you investigate what type of material your laptop bag is made of. Investing in a waterproof laptop bag can be extremely useful as it can protect your laptop — and other devices — from water damage. 

Versatility: Finally, with many gyms now reopened, you may want to invest in a laptop bag that can double as a gym bag. Some bags even feature special compartments for dirty clothes or sneakers, so that they can be stored away from your laptop or tablet.  

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