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Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless review

Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless: Specs

Key Type: Mechanical
Switch Type: Cherry MX Red or Speed
Illumination: Full RGB
Size: 11.6 x 4.3 x 1.6 inches

The Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless, like many 60% gaming keyboards, presents something of a conundrum. It’s a perfectly good device, delivering excellent key switches and refined in-game performance. It’s also an extremely niche device, presenting touch typists with deal-breaking inconveniences, and charging a premium price for the privilege.

Taken on its own merits, there is admittedly a lot to like about the K70 Pro Mini Wireless. Corsair’s use of best-in-class Cherry MX key switches is still a big selling point, and a wireless mechanical gaming keyboard from a major manufacturer is always worth celebrating. You can customize the machine to your heart’s content, via both hardware and software.

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