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How to remove grass stains without ruining clothes

Whether you’re enjoying park festivals, picnics or simply have children who love rolling around in the grass, you’ll need to know how to remove grass stains. It’s always a nuisance when you have unsightly stains on your summer outfits, but you can easily remove grass stains without ruining clothes. Typically, grass stains are protein stains caused by the chlorophyll from the plant. These pigments bind to the fibre compounds, leaving a green or yellow dye on clothes or white shoes. 

Luckily, knowing how to remove grass stains is not as tricky as it seems. Similar to knowing how to remove oil stains from clothes, or how to remove red wine stains, stubborn grass stains can easily be removed in a few simple steps. Best of all, you don’t even need to use bleach or any other harsh chemicals to remove grass stains. All you’ll need are some basic, household ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen, and that costs you much less. So if you want to maintain your park style, here’s how to remove grass stains without ruining clothes. 

How to remove grass stains with white vinegar  

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