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How to send a Nintendo Switch Online app friend request

The Nintendo Switch, for all its merits, has always had a somewhat stilted relationship with online play. Between missing Ethernet ports, tedious voice chat and unstable connections, the Switch makes online players jump through a few more hoops than a PS5, an Xbox Series X or a gaming PC. However, adding friends is now much easier than it used to be, thanks to a handy update on the Nintendo Switch Online iOS and Android app.

In the past, adding players to your Friends list on the Switch was a convoluted process. You’d have to look up a 12-digit “Friend Code,” transmit it to another player, and hope that both of you wrote it down accurately during every step of the process. Now, however, the Switch smartphone app lets you share your Friend Code via either URL or QR code. It’s incredibly easy to do, and much faster than trying to wrangle a 12-digit code.

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