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Insta360 Link webcam review: The most innovative webcam in years

Insta360 Link: Specs

Video resolution: 4K
Framerate: 60 fps (max)
Field of view: 79.5 degrees
Microphones: 2
Size: 2.7 × 1.6 × 1.8 inches

For all their usefulness — especially during the pandemic, there hasn’t been a ton of innovation around the best webcams. While their resolution has increased and their price has gone down, pretty much every model is a small box that fits on top of your monitor. 

The Insta360 Link ($299) is the first webcam to come along in a long while that truly innovates. That’s because instead of being fixed in place, its camera is mounted to a 3-axis gimbal that allows it to track you as you move around the room. But that’s not all; thanks to AI, the Link has a number of other features that will make you the champion of your next conference call or TikTok video including automatic subject tracking, a whiteboard mode, and even a vertical video mode.

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